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What Are They Made Of?

We not only strive to give you the best price, but we also use the best materials.

  -  Our carrels are manufactured in the U.S.A under the strictest standards.

  -  We use 32 ECT "B Flute" 2-Side Kla-White 3-ply corrugated cardboard for all of our products.

  -  Our carrels are 1/8" thick (B Flute). Some of theirs are 1/16" thick (E Flute).

  -  You could compare the strength to most pizza boxes.

  -  Our carrels are white on both sides to brighten the work area and give a professional appearance.

  -  Rounded edges make our carrels safer.

  -  Our carrels won't wobble or swing. Our carrels are guaranteed to set level.

  -  "U.S.A. Made" means jobs and quality!

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Ours are 1/8" thick. Don't settle for any less!
Jobs for Americans!
Made In The U.S.A.