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About Us

Classroom Products LLC

We started Classroom Products LLC in 2003 with an idea to help students to better focus by reducing visual distractions in the classroom. We also wanted to discourage cheating. We started developing a line of corrugated study carrels (privacy shields).

For many years teachers tried making their own carrels by taping together manila folders which were flimsy and too small. Our 13” Tall Desktop Carrel (our first product) doubled the work space and lasted much longer than manila folders.

While exhibiting at trade shows we listened to many educator’s needs and concerns. As more computer labs were changing into testing labs, we once again adapted to their needs. After extensive research we developed our line of computer carrels. We were pioneers in this product category.

With five straight years of doubling in size this big/small company quickly became an industry leader in desktop and computer carrels. Our commitment to good old fashioned customer service and personal touch has kept the copycat competition at bay.


Kenny Kiskis and Ron Zerrer (Company Founders)

Our products are 100% Made In The U.S.A.