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13" Tall Desktop Carrel
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privacy shields for desks

13" Tall Desktop Carrel

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13" Desktop Carrel/ Privacy Shield

20"(W)x 17"(D) x 13"(H)

Reduces to 12" (H) by folding out bottom 1" wings.

  • Privacy shields for all classrooms and ages!
  • Perfect for paper testing, individual study, quiet times, reading, ADHD, notebooks or tablets.
  • Made of Durable, recyclable, 200# Test Corrugated cardboard material.
  • White on both sides to better reflect light on the work area and to provide a professional look in the classroom.
  • White on both sides so students don't argue over which color they get!
  • Our privacy shields are guaranteed to set level due to a special manufacturing process.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Durable, affordable and portable.
  • Discourage cheating and help improve student focus by reducing distractions.
  • Our privacy shields have rounded corners for safety.
  • Easily stores flat.
  • We accept purchase orders.
  • Shipping Charge 10% of Total / 6.95 Minimum.
  • Sold in packs of 20, 30, or 40.
  • American made low cost privacy shields (desktop and computer carrels) by Classroom Products LLC.

    Our privacy shields are guaranteed to set level, are white on both sides to reflect light, durable and portable.Getting students in a classroom to focus on their work, while sitting among 30 other classmates is a task many teachers face every day. With heavy emphasis on testing, distractions play a major role.Scholastic Instructor magazine has named the “Desktop Study Carrel" from ClassroomProducts.com as one of its Best Bests under $5.00, for 2004. The "Desktop Study Carrel is a low cost, low tech solution to an ever increasing problem . . . Classroom distractions.

    A study carrel is simply a 3 wall “cubicle” which sets on the desktop, providing privacy from the front and sides. ClassroomProducts.com has die-cut the heavy cardboard unit so that it folds cleanly, and adapts easily to a desktop.Judy White, Principal of Herberich Primary School in Akron, Ohio, is very pleased with the product. “As I walked through the halls each day, I noticed that entire classes were using your product. Students were working diligently and quietly on their schoolwork. Teachers were very pleased with the way the “Desktop Study Carrel” allowed students to have privacy as they worked.” As for the cost, “This is a great product and inexpensive enough that every child is able to have his/her own study carrel.”Libraries have used study carrels for years, knowing their capability of keeping noise levels down, and giving user’s privacy and a better environment for focusing on their work.

    According to “Parents, Let's Unite for Kids”, a private nonprofit organization founded in 1984 by a group of parents of children with disabilities and chronic health problems, ADD children are more comfortable and productive when they are concentrating if unimportant stimuli are reduced or eliminated . . . "some ADD children like to use study carrels with sides that cut off visual distractions and reduce noise".The Alaska Comprehensive System of Student Assessment (CSSA) states in their “Comprehensive System of Student Assessment Benchmark 2 Test Administration Directions” that cardboard carrels help students work individually. “

    We developed the "Desktop Study Carrels", says Ron Zerrer of ClassroomProducts.com, “so that students would “own” the products as their own space. We highly suggest that teachers let the students decorate the outside of the study carrels to even further this sense of ownership”.“It’s such a low cost product”, says Kenny Kiskis of ClassroomProducts.com. “We find, unfortunately, that many teachers have to pay for these out of their own pockets. That is why we have worked so hard to keep the price low. We have suggested to many that they seek out the help of their Parent Teacher Organizations. Many times they have taken care of the costs”.About ClassroomProducts.com:Low-cost cardboard products for teachers, such as desktop study carrels and computer carrels.