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19" Tall Computer Carrel
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19" Tall Computer Carrel

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19" Computer Carrel

26"(W)x 24"(D) x 19"(H)

  • Our computer privacy boards Work with most flat screen monitors. (For larger monitors look at our 17" or 23" Adjustable Carrels)
  • Cut-out in the back for wiring.
  • Made of Durable, recyclable, 200# Test Corrugated cardboard material.
  • White on both sides to better reflect light on the work area and to provide a professional look in the classroom.
  • Our privacy boards are guaranteed to set level due to a special manufacturing process.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Durable, affordable and portable.
  • Discourage cheating and help improve student focus by reducing distractions.
  • Our privacy boards have rounded corners for safety.
  • Easily stores flat.
  • We accept purchase orders.
  • Shipping Charge 10% of Total / 6.95 Minimum.
  • Sold in packs of 10 and 20.

When we take into consideration those areas where data security is of utmost importance . . . Silicon Valley tech companies and health care firms (where the privacy of patients is mandated by law) easily come to mind. However, is data security important in education? Is there any benefit derived from study carrels (privacy shields) in the academic setting? Privacy shields offer a lot of benefits not only to educators, but students also.

Quite a number of modern instructions are carried out on computer screens and this technology has lots of benefits to provide when used in the classroom. There are, however, many temptations that students are faced with like peering around and copying information that is not theirs. The use of study carrels provide the best solution for students that work in close quarters without any fear of their intellectual work being stolen.

Privacy shields help to remove distractions and keep students focused on their work. They are great for use in classrooms, computer labs and writer’s workshops. They also make a fun way of setting up “offices” for students. Study carrels (privacy shields) are ideal for keeping students’ eyes on their work during both pencil-and-paper and computer–based tests (such as PARCC as well as other standardized tests). They are a must-have for teachers and testing coordinators These are just a couple of the numerous benefits that educators can derive from the use of privacy shields. Data security should not be left to chance and one should not rely on good intentions. Instead, educators should employ the use of privacy shields in their schools.

We sell quality and simple corrugated study carrels (privacy shields) that are loved by teachers. Our study carrels, also called privacy folders are low cost solutions for testing security, keeping students focused on their work and discouraging cheating.